• Radiology Trends to Watch in 2021

    In January Diagnostic Imaging Newsletter had a report on the Six Trends to Watch in 2021.  COVID-19 has dominated the healthcare industry and everyone is feeling the effects.  COVID-19 is obviously at the forefront of our minds.  

    Dr. Mina S. Makary saw six areas that deserve your attention.  Reimbursement cuts for 2021 are at the top behind COVID-19.  Is it fair to say these two are the biggest effects you have seen in your practice?  

    Artificial intelligence and 3D printing behind that – it will be interesting to see how those play in the radiology world.  Interventional radiology is an area that is always growing.  

    Finally, policy and culture will be a dominating force with regards to promoting diversity and providing opportunities for all members from a variety of backgrounds.  

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