• The Declining Radiology Job Market

    Thankfully this is not the subject line we are used to seeing today but can you believe this was a common headline-only ten years ago?  Can you imagine nearing the end of your residency or fellowship seeing “Job prospects are Dim for Radiology Trainees”?

    Fast forward to 2022, with well over 1,500 job postings on the ACR alone, now all the headlines read High Volume, High Pay, and a Search for High Quality of Life.

    I am fortunate to have worked as a Consultant since 2003, advising radiologists who are curious about the market on how they can benefit by doing something additional (locum) or different.  I’ve seen the feast (think 2008) and the famine (think 2013).   I’m not sure what to say about 2022 yet except that it is proving to be the most interesting year yet! With so many opportunities available, the best service I can provide today is helping the physicians I know simply navigate it.

    If you feel you are undervalued at your current practice and are curious about making a move, I welcome the opportunity to share what I know, talk with my network discreetly, and give you an idea of what you should expect.

    If you’re curious about locum so you have a safety net for the future or simply want to see how another practice operates, NOW IS THE TIME! The demand is up but the RATES ARE TOO!

    Speak with a Mint recruiter today at 866.312.1177, click the apply now button below, or simply reply to this email.

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