• Locum Tenens Looks Good on You (and Your Resume)

    Locum Tenens Looks Good on You (and Your Resume)

    The resume, the CV. The two pieces of paper that outline your entire working life. When it comes to finding telemedicine jobs or emergency medicine jobs, the very first thing recruiters look for is experience. With that being said, your resume has the potential to set you above other applicants seeking the same position. Trying

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  • Interviewing Physicians

    Interviewing Physicians

    Locum tenens physician interviews are different than interviews for other job positions. As a healthcare administrator, you’re tasked with finding someone who fits the requirements of the job you’re offering, as well as the cultural aspects of your healthcare facility. While job interviews go with the flow of the interviewee, below are some tips for

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  • All Things Hospitalist

    All Things Hospitalist

    Medicine has always been your goal – and you’ve been determined for quite some time now. You’ve been gearing up for medical school by a packing your schedule with advanced courses and methodically staying on top of your extracurriculars, because you know it will all pay off in the long run. However, medicine is such

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  • It’s Time To Network

    It’s Time To Network

    Does mingling with strangers cause a torrent of qualms to flow through your head? We recommend doing some preparation beforehand to help increase your confidence. Think in these terms; creating a network of solid industry contacts will allow you to open a myriad of opportunities for growth and progression in your career. Attending national or

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