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FAQs for First Time Locum Tenens Physicians

Locum tenens positions are increasingly popular for medical professionals in a wide variety of fields, including ER physician, Family Practice physicians, Internists, and Hospitalists. At Mint Physician Staffing, our professionals are here to assist in your locum tenens employment. Our team has put together an informative FAQ to answer questions you may have regarding temporary physician placement through locum tenens.

Why choose locum tenens?

There are seemingly innumerable reasons physicians choose locum tenens opportunities. It allows for greater flexibility, reliable income, and even travel opportunities. It is also a wonderful option for physicians who are interested in exploring various positions in a hospital or practice without the full long-term commitment to that path. This makes locum tenens an attractive option for recent graduates who are looking to experience many fields before honing in on their final choice. Locum tenens allows physicians to improve their clinical skills.

What are the financial benefits of locum tenens?

Many physicians prefer the financial structure of locum tenens. This temporary position structure allows for greater pay potential, where physicians are paid greater wages on average. Some choose to moonlight locum tenens on the side, which provides flexible additional income for expenses such as student loans. Our locum tenens staffing agency offers direct deposit payroll, along with competitive hourly rates.

Do I need my own medical malpractice insurance?

At Mint Physician Staffing, we offer medical malpractice insurance for our physicians, nurses, specialists, and other medical professionals. Whether you choose our short term or long term staffing opportunities, our agency offers the medical malpractice coverage you need for peace of mind.

What are the eligibility requirements?

There are requirements for working with our locum tenens agency, but these requirements are not incredibly complex. You must have eligibility to work in the USA, and your maintained medical license must be in good standing in at least one state. Candidates also need an active registration with the DEA.

What if I don’t have specific state licenses?

We can assist our physicians in establishing new state licenses in time for working on new assignments. Our in-house team is certified by The Joint Commission, and we understand the right procedures for licensing and credentialing. We also offer assistance for licensing renewals as well.

What facilities are available?

Our staffing agency only works with top quality facilities. We provide services to facilities such as hospitals, emergency centers, single specialty group practices, occupational health clinics, urgent care centers, private physician offices, family practices, pediatric centers, community care facilities, telemedicine companies, and long-term care facilities.

How flexible is scheduling?

With locum tenens temporary assignment, physicians have the opportunity for true flexibility. There is less on-call duty compared to full-time assignments. Physicians can also outline their schedules, working as much or as little as desired. The pay is based on the hours you work, not patient volume. This brings flexible scheduling and takes the politics out of medical care.

How long is the duration of my assignment?

At Mint Physician Staffing, we work with a wide variety of assignment opportunities. Our agency provides services for facilities with assignments of many durations. Weekend coverage, one week coverage, six week coverage, and multiple month assignments are the most common durations. Our agency allows physicians to pick and choose the right assignment for their location and duration needs.

Can I practice telemedicine?

Our agency provides many locum tenens opportunities to physicians, and telemedicine is an increasingly popular form of locum tenens medical care. This accessible form of healthcare is often utilized for follow up visits, remote care, chronic disease management, and senior care. We connect physicians with a variety of telemedicine opportunities for locum tenens assignments. Read our FAQs about Telemedicine.

How can I get started?

Getting started with locum tenens opportunities is simple. Begin the process now by contacting our agency directly. We are always updating job listings, and our staffing agency professionals can also help link you to the right opportunity based on your requirements. We look forward to assisting you with your locum tenens search.


If you have further questions regarding locum tenens, telemedicine, or other services, please contact us today.

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