Telemedicine Locum Tenens: Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for Telemedicine

FAQs for Telemedicine

As technologies improve, telemedicine is continuing to grow into a stronger stream of healthcare services. At Mint Physician Staffing, we connect physicians to top telehealth opportunities.

Typically, telemedicine is a locum tenens opportunity, giving physicians the ability to choose their ideal fit. If you are interested in telemedicine or other subsets of telehealth, explore our FAQ or contact us today to learn more.

What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine is defined as the diagnosis, treatment, and care of patients through a remote connection. The physician can be in one state, while the patient receiving care will be in another area. This new approach to healthcare falls under the telehealth field, where new technologies are used to provide patient care across greater distances. Most notably, telemedicine makes a positive impact by bringing quality care to remote areas.

Is telemedicine a full-time job?

Our physician staffing agency connects medical professionals with telehealth opportunities for many job durations. Typically, the telemedicine work is locum tenens, giving physicians the ability to choose their ideal schedule. Telehealth opportunities can occur on weekends, specific days, or several weeks. There are many opportunities for finding your ideal employment fit through telemedicine. Because telemedicine is provided remotely, providers have the ability to choose where they work for this field.

What kind of care is provided through telemedicine?

Many medical fields are exploring the opportunities offered through telehealth. Telemedicine can be utilized in almost any practice, including urgent care, senior care, stroke care, follow ups, orthopedics, and more. Contact our agency to discover telemedicine opportunities in your desired field.

What are the benefits of locum tenens telemedicine?

Telemedicine allows physicians to provide quality care while removing practice politics, long on-call hours, and other elements from the equation. This method of care brings incredible flexibility in terms of scheduling and paycheck opportunities. It also brings fewer missed appointments or cancellations, along with improving the outcomes of patient care. If preferred, there are also on-call opportunities for telemedicine.

How is telemedicine pay calculated?

Pay calculation varies with both locum tenens and telemedicine structures. Rather than receiving a set hourly rate or pay based on patient encounters, telemedicine assignments typically pay per completed consultation. If the physician prescribes a non-narcotic, DME, or orthotic brace, pay may be affected by the type and quantity prescribed.


What are requirements for administering telemedicine care?

Due to the often-remote nature of telemedicine, the requirements can differ from traditional in-person healthcare. The requirements may also vary on a state by state basis. Telemedicine assignments often require PECOS certification. Providers can enroll in PECOS online.

Physicians administering telemedicine care to a patient in another state may also need a second DEA associated with a mailing address in that state. Physicians with just one DEA may complete a change of address to associate the license with an address in the state they are performing telemedicine consultations.

Can I travel for telemedicine?

The wonderful thing about telemedicine is its flexibility. The very nature of telemedicine means that you do not have to travel to provide this type of care. That being said, if you are interested in traveling, there are telemedicine providers located nationwide seeking quality medical professionals. Mint Physician Staffing can help you find the telemedicine opportunity that’s your ideal fit.

What insurance plans pay for telemedicine care?

Many insurers are covering telemedicine care in greater numbers. This is because telemedicine offers a cost-effective option for quality medical care. Medicare and Medicaid offer some coverage for specific telemedicine options. Additionally, 34 states require private insurance companies to cover telemedicine services in the same way they would cover traditional in-person care.

Can I moonlight with telemedicine?

Telemedicine is one of the most flexible locum tenens opportunities for medical professionals. It is ideal for temporary employment, along with moonlighting. For example, many physicians choose to practice telemedicine on the weekends or specific days, creating their own schedule for added income.

How can I get started in telemedicine?

If you are interested in practicing telemedicine, or if you have more questions about this growing approach to healthcare, contact our team at Mint Physician Staffing today.  We can help you understand the qualification requirements, along with making the credentialing process much easier.

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