Locum Tenens Physician Referral Program

Locum Tenens Physician Referral Program

[Effective May 1, 2009. LTACH Physician referral option effective Feb 1, 2015.]

Refer a friend or colleague and earn a bonus according to the terms listed below.

  • Physician Referral: Earn up to $2,000
  • LTACH PHYSICIAN Referral: Earn up to $1,000*

Making a referral is easy!
Simply fill out our online form
OR call 877-478-8927 to speak with a recruiter. 

Earning Schedule for Referrals:

EXAMPLE: Once your PHYSICIAN (MD/DO) referral works 125 hours for Mint, you will receive $250. After the second 125 hours are worked, an additional $250 is earned and this continues up to $2,000.

For other clinicians listed above, Mint pays $125 for the first 125 hours and $125 for the second 125 hours worked up to the $1,000 limit.


  • Referrals should be someone you know through a personal connection such as a friend, family member or colleague.
  • No one person can refer more than 10 physicians/clinicians without prior written permission from Mint Physician Staffing.
  • You must receive a confirmation from Mint Physician Staffing for EACH referral in order to be compensated.
  • Physician hours worked at LTACH facilities will not contribute toward hours worked under the PHYSICIAN Referral option.
  • The first payment is made 30 days after the physician has worked 125 hours. Payments will continue in such increments until the $2000 or $1000 maximum limit is reached.

*Due to the nature of our long-term acute care role, hours worked within LTACH facilities will only be eligible for $1,000 maximum bonus. Hours worked outside of the LTACH role will be eligible for our regular PHYSICIAN bonus rate of $2,000.
[Mint Physician Staffing reserves the right to change the rules of this program at any time and without advance notice.]

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